Mini Series


An LED strip is a flexible circuit board that is embedded with multiple light-emitting diodes (LEDs). LED strips can be cut to specific lengths and are commonly used for various lighting applications, Such as; Accent Lighting, Backlighting, Task Lighting and more. They are typically powered by low-voltage DC power and can be controlled by a variety of Methods including; Direct Voltage Control, PWM dimming or through the use of an LED controller. LED strips come in a range of color temperatures and brightness levels, and are often sold in rolls or as pre-cut lengths with adhesive backing for easy installation.

Product Features

  • ● Wide color temperature range, one bin only for one CCT
  • ● Cuttable every 7LEDs for 24V
  • ● The 3mm narrow PCB sepecially for the slim panel solutions
  • ● 0-1/10V dimming, DALI dimming, smart (optional)
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